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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Author: Alaska Public Entity Insurance/Sunday, December 1, 2013/Categories: Newsletters, 2013 Winter

With the growing popularity of devices like smartphones and tablets, more and more employees are now using their own personal devices as functional workstations. This is now being referred to as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

There are many benefits associated with a BYOD program. When allowed to use their personal devices, employees enjoy increased mobility, have higher job satisfaction, and see improvements in efficiency and productivity. The organization also saves on the money they would have to invest equipping their staff with these devices. 

Organizations that allow employees to bring their own devices to work face the difficult task of deciding how to manage the risks associated with a BYOD program. Privacy is one of the greatest concerns for both the employer and the employee. The employer takes the risk of potential data leaks and the employee has personal data on the device that could be seen by the employer.

A comprehensive policy on the use of personal devices is a must. Employers need to make sure all employees are aware of these policies and understand that enforcement is a priority. Employers also need to recognize that the risks with BYOD programs are constantly changing with new technology. An organization's policy must be continually reviewed to address the latest security risks.

Having a BYOD program can be very beneficial for your organization. But there has to be a policy in place to manage these devices and maintain security. Make sure your employees clearly understand the policy and the risks and responsibilities of the BYOD program.

Here are a few things to consider for starting your BYOD program: 

  • What are the eligibility requirements
  • What devices are allowed – iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.
  • Employee's risk and responsibilities
  • Reimbursements – Monthly stipends, etc.
  • Select which apps will you allow or ban
  • Timely reporting of lost or stolen devices
  • Access passcodes
  • Employee departure
  • What support will be provided from the employer
  • Consequences of policy violations
Contact Cole Cummins, you Loss Control Manager, at for more information on how to set up your BYOD program or policy.

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