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How to Save Premium Dollars

How to Save Premium Dollars

With APEI's Loss Control Premium Credit Program, members have the opportunity to save considerably on their premiums. A member reaching the maximum credit amount will receive 15% off the APEI portion of their workers' comp and general liability premiums as well as 4% off the APEI portion of their property premium. By conducting inspections, having safety committees, and training your employees properly, you will create an environment where the employees know you care about safety, you care about them, want them to be injury free, and your organization could save a lot of money through the Premium Credit Program. For more information, please consult your Loss Control Manual, or contact Cole Cummins, Loss Control Manager, at ccummins@akpei.com.
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Maintaining a Safe School

Maintaining a Safe School

After the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, it is very important for schools to examine the effectiveness of their security measures. 

Educational organizations should begin with a security threat assessment to determine whether improvements can be made to the physical plant or to the policies and procedures. APEI offers a School Safety and Security Checklist that will help evaluate the safety and security of your school.


Access control and communication are two of the most important elements in school protection. Many schools restrict entry into buildings to a single point of entry. This is one way to manage your visitors. Having a visitor sign-in sheet is a great way to meet them as they walk through the front door.

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Winter Driving

Winter Driving


Winter driving in Alaska presents many challenges. From icy road conditions to poor visibility, there are multiple hazards to look out for. By following these SAFETY rules, you can help accomplish safe winter driving. Both of APEI’s online training providers, TargetSolutions and SafeSchools, have multiple courses on safe driving. Remember that by taking these online courses, you can lower your premiums at renewal through APEI's Premium Grant Program. 

Please contact your loss control manager, Cole Cummins, at ccummins@akpei.com for more information regarding APEI’s online training.

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