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Active Shooter Courses

Active Shooter Courses

Author: Cole Cummins/Wednesday, December 3, 2014/Categories: 2014 Winter

While schools are statistically a safe place for children and school staff, it's vital that schools are prepared for all kinds of safety incidents - including an active shooter on campus. To help schools with this critical topic, Scenario Learning recently published a SafeSchools Training Active Shooter: Administrators course, and is currently working on an Active Shooter: Staff course.

After the shooting at Sandy Hook and other tragic incidents, administrators, teachers, and parents are seeking information on how to best protect children if they are faced with a shooter on campus. Numerous approaches to an active shooter are widely discussed but many are not yet proven to be effective. Some current methodologies are inappropriate for schools with younger students or students with special needs, who may have mobility restrictions or a limited ability to react in a crisis. School insurers also report that employees have been injured and are at risk during drills related to untested, unproven active shooter responses.

We're proud to work with the nation's leading experts on Active Shooter situations, Michael and Chris Dorn, of Safe Havens International, and the authors of our two new Active Shooter courses. Our courses cover techniques that are proven to prevent school shootings, as well as research-based principles that can be used in response to an active shooter on campus.

For more information regarding our Active Shooter courses or the SafeSchools Online Staff Training System, please call 1-800-434-0154 or email


Reprinted from the School Safety Matters Newsletter published by Scenario Learning, LLC.

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