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Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving

Author: Chris Luck/Tuesday, April 28, 2015/Categories: Newsletters, 2015 Spring

The National Safety Council (NSC) estimates that 1 in 4 car crashes involves cell phone use. Although there are many distractions that exist while driving, cell phones are one of the top distractors because many drivers use them unaware of the fact that conversations require attention and brain power that takes attention away from the road. Increasing awareness of distracted driving with cell phone use is imperative in order to decrease the staggering numbers of cell phone related crashes and injuries, as a conversation can wait until the car is in park.


April is distracted driving awareness month. The National Safety Council has some great materials to help you and your organization become more aware of how dangerous distracted driving can be. Go to the NSC’s website at  to get these free materials to help prevent distracted driving. The NSC has also come out with a Cell Phone Distracted Driving Top 10 Poster that is very helpful. You can use the poster to inform all employees of the dangers of distracted driving. Below are the top 10 from the NSC’s poster.


1.       Multitasking is a myth. Our brains cannot process two cognitively demanding tasks at once.


2.       The parietal lobe activation, associated with processing moving visual images while driving, decreases by as much as 37% with sentence listening


3.       Cell phone users are four times as likely to be involved in crashes resulting in injury


4.       Drivers talking on cell phones fail to see half of the information in their driving environment. They “look” but they don't “see”


5.       There is no difference in risk between hands-free and handheld cell phone use


6.       Cell phone use is more distracting than listening to the radio or talking to passengers


7.       Car crashes are the #1 cause of worker fatalities


8.       No cell phone call or text is worth a life


9.       Hands-free devices do not offer safety benefits


10.   Safety is our #1 priority



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