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Inspect Your Fire Extinguishers

Inspect Your Fire Extinguishers

Author: Chris Luck/Tuesday, April 28, 2015/Categories: Newsletters, 2015 Spring

It’s easy to do, but often forgotten. OSHA regulations require employers to visually inspect each of their fire extinguishers once a month. This simple check can significantly reduce damages and even save lives in the event of a fire. Simply do the following:


·         Ensure the fire extinguishers are mounted in their proper place

·         Make sure nothing blocks access to the extinguisher

·         Check the pressure gauge to make sure it has a full charge

·         Make sure the holding pin in the handle is secure and intact

·         Make sure the hose/nozzle are free from cracks, tears, or obstructions

·         Make sure the extinguisher is not expired

·         Initial and date the back of the attached tag


These seven easy steps are so important and they only take a minute to complete.  Contact APEI or your local fire department for any questions on how to conduct these monthly inspections.



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