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Winter Driving

Winter Driving


Winter driving in Alaska presents many challenges. From icy road conditions to poor visibility, there are multiple hazards to look out for. By following these SAFETY rules, you can help accomplish safe winter driving. Both of APEI’s online training providers, TargetSolutions and SafeSchools, have multiple courses on safe driving. Remember that by taking these online courses, you can lower your premiums at renewal through APEI's Premium Grant Program. 

Please contact your loss control manager, Cole Cummins, at for more information regarding APEI’s online training.

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What to Expect this Renewal

From the Desk of the CEO, Jeff Bush

Every year I am startled to realize that it’s time again to begin the annual insurance renewal dance.  APEI will be sending out renewal applications to brokers in the next couple of weeks, so you should expect to be hearing from your broker soon. 

Although it’s still too early to promise anything, here is a short version of what you might expect when you get your insurance quotes later this spring:

  • No Decrease in Property Rates.  Hurricane Sandy ruined it for the rest of us.  Sandy put the pinch on many large property insurance companies, who therefore are pressing for higher rates.  Fortunately APEI has had few major property losses in recent years, meaning that we can expect our rates to remain fairly stable.  However although rates should be stable, we expect most members will be increasing their property values, hence raising their premium.
  • Flat Liability and Auto Rates.  APEI members continue to have good loss experience for these lines of business, and consequently overall program rates should remain fairly flat.  Of course, individual premium rates will vary, because a member’s individual loss experience is the single most significant factor in determining liability or workers’ compensation premium rates.
  • Higher Medical Costs Mean Higher Workers’ Compensation Rates.  We are anticipating workers’ compensation rate increases of as much as 10% program-wide, due to ever-increasing medical costs for these claims.  We continue to push for constructive legislative reforms to address this problem, but to date no bills have been introduced.  If you have the chance, please encourage your legislators to consider changes to the workers’ compensation system to bring medical fees under control.
As always, this time of year provides excitement tinged with a hint of trepidation.  In the coming months we will be busy working with our excess and reinsurers to put together the best possible program for our members.   At the same time we will be working with your insurance brokers to gather necessary information and develop quotes as quickly and efficiently as possible.  This year, reinsurers are requiring complete and accurate underwriting information (the stuff you put in the renewal application and schedules), so please pay careful attention to detail.  Thanks.
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Loss Control Coordinator demonstrates how to properly inspect a fire extinguisher.

Mike Lary, APEI's Loss Control Coordinator, demonstrates how to properly inspect a fire extinguisher with Joyce Mason from the City of Craig. Fire extinguishers need to be inspected monthly and must have an annual maintenance check.

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Members Doing the Right Thing

According to the National Safety Council, falls are one of the leading causes of unintentional injuries in the United States. OSHA regulation 1910.144(a)(3) tells us to mark physical hazard areas where falling and tripping can occur. The City of Craig has marked the stairs in their council chambers with yellow tape to help prevent people from falling.

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Please join us in warmly welcoming Buffy and Lisa to the APEI team

Buffy Lisa

APEI said goodbye to long time employees Jennifer Bregar and Jodee Goldsberry, both departing for new adventures. We will miss them and wish them well. 

While saddened to see them go, we are excited to announce that Buffy Blais and Lisa Mattson have joined the APEI team. Buffy is the new Professional Administrative Assistant and will be your new front desk contact and can be reached at Lisa joins APEI as the new Claims Administrative Assistant and can be reached at Please join us in warmly welcoming Buffy and Lisa to the APEI team.

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